Just wanted to do a quick review of VMware Fusion. I’ve been using it on my 2011 MacBook Air for about 4 months now so that I can use QuickBooks Pro (Windows only) and I think it is phenomenal. If you have any reason to run Windows on your mac, this is the virtualization software I would recommend hands down. Some of my favourite features include native full screen support in Lion, ability to choose how much RAM to dedicate to the virtualization process, and lots of other customization options.

For those of you wondering how well it performs on my 2011 MacBook Air, I can assure you that it performs extremely well! My MacBook Air has a total of 4GB of RAM, and I changed the settings in VMware to dedicate 2GB of RAM to the virtualization process. So 2GB or RAM for Lion, and 2GB of RAM for Windows (I am running a version of Windows 7). Using this setup, I am able to quickly and easily switch back and forth between my Mac apps and my Windows programs with ease. This is handy when I need to look up any saved payment or receipt information in my email inbox (using Apple Mail) and quickly switch back to quickbooks for entry.

I typically only boot into Windows every 2 or 3 ¬†days, and when I do, I usually only run it for about 30 to 60 minutes at a time. One thing I have noticed, is that VMware Fusion doesn’t really play nice if you leave Windows running while closing your laptop lid for an extended sleep. I have left it on a few times by accident, but in my experience when you wake the laptop up from sleep, windows will often need to be restarted. My common practice is boot up Windows, do my work, and shut it down. If this is how you plan on using your virtualization software, then I highly recommend VMware Fusion.

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